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About Lindley


Lauren Lindley, professionally recognized as Lindley, is a native Texan with a penchant for the arts since birth. Growing up in Austin, the live music capitol of the world, she was exposed to a wealth of genres, performance style and other expressions of the trade. 


Her love for singing in children’s and high school choir, then creating music of her own led her to attend Baylor University where she participated in their esteemed choir program. This venture led her to expand her performance horizons to McLennan where she actively took a lead role in Commercial Vocal Studies where she inched closer to discovering her inner sound which seemed to hit her head on like a fast moving truck.


She excelled in piano early on in order to affix melodies to her ideas which, at that time, were flowing like a mighty river. Her content seemed to revolve around her inane luck when it comes to matters of the heart and her choices in relationships. It became obvious that every road she traversed down led to some type of emotional train wreck and, for some reason, she just got off that ride and hopped right back on another. This series of events led her to the picking up of a guitar and starting to catalog these experiences into song. Some of which are so truthful and direct one would wonder how she made it out alive. 


Lindley began performing at local open mics around town and was well received enough that she quickly assembled a band and started entertaining as a group. She recorded a demo with the project which wound up in the hands of a music producer in her hometown who saw right through the imperfections and placed his bead right on her future. 


She then signed a development deal with Austin based production company Invengo Productions and worked with producer Joshua Rumer for a span of about 9 months developing a stunning and complete 6 song EP entitled ‘I Wont Do It Again’ which encompasses a plethora of emotions and styles that is a truthful reflection of Lindley’s inner mind. From rock to jazz to latin to indie, this artist has no limits nor boundaries when it comes to creation. Her collection of tracks runs the gamut of a female’s perspective on seemingly an entire relationship lived multiple times and destroyed every time it happened.


This EP led her to a recording contract with the same company and was soon performing in multiple locations around Texas as well as being invited to perform the coveted Red Gorilla Music Festival before her album was even released.


Lindley is currently in the studio between performances working on a follow up EP while in the meantime releasing singles to stay fresh in the ears of her followers. It is her hope that other people will listen to her music and derive inspiration, healing, and entertainment from her stories of tragedy, hope, and victory.